SQL Power Group, Inc.

A Seamless Integration Into Regulatory Software

SQL Power Group, Inc.

SQL Power Group, Inc., founded in 1989 and headquartered in Toronto Canada, is a global application software firm specializing in data collection, data integration, business intelligence and regulatory implementations.


SQL Power Group designs customized and fully-integrated data collection, return management, and analytics solutions for its business customers and is well known in the industry for its XBRL-based financial filing and reporting system.



SQL Power Group needed a robust and secure eSignature platform that could seamlessly integrate into their powerful regulatory software. Cohesion and customization were also critical requirements for the platform. The e-signature web portal had to be flexible enough to tailor to the distinct workflows of all of SQL Power’s Government interactions, including Returns, Applications, Requests and Licensing. 


With a reputation for cutting edge data collection software innovation, the right solution was imperative to SQL Power Group’s continued competency and growth.



SQL Power Group looked to eSignSystems’ eSignature, SmartConnect and SmartIdentity solutions in order to provide their customers with a way to sign new applications electronically and in a self-service manner. With eSignSystems technology, SmartIdentity screens display the eSign consent PDF back to the submitter for review and eSignature. By clicking eSign, a submit message appears to indicate that all information is accurate and valid. Once consent is logged and the eSignature process is complete, an email notifying of signing is discharged.


By implementing eSignSystems’ eSignature platform and SmartConnect web services, SQL’s Government Agency customers were able to complete, review and sign documents within the SQL Power Group website. SQL Power Group’s President and co-founder, Sam Selim, notes how easily the technology integrates with existing infrastructures, saying,”the eSignSystems platform helps unify decentralized operations and streamline important data collection and oversight functions. It’s best-in-class technology!” The platform has been field-proven by Canadian and other international organizations.


“The eSignSystems platform helps unify decentralized operations and streamlines important data collection and oversight functions. It's best-in-class technology.”

Results and Benefits

Since implementing eSignSystems’ adaptable and scalable eSignature platform, SmartConnect and Smart Identity solutions, SQL Power Group has:

  • Gained a competitive advantage that helped the company win new business, including the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

  • Significantly reduced Government overhead and processing delays due to incomplete or inconsistent data


Some of the most complex regulatory business models in the world, including the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, partner with SQL Power Group to unify and streamline their regulatory operations across a variety of sectors using eSignSystems technology.  


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